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Health and Wellness

Assessment Packages

Our Health is the most important asset we possess when it comes to leading fulfilling personal and professional lives. Gulf View Medical Centre is proud to offer our clients a wide variety of sophisticated diagnostic testing packages tailored to their individual needs.


Our clients have the option of choosing from Basic, Pre- Employment, Annual Check Up and Executive Medicals.

We also offer UKOOA Medicals (UK Offshore Operators Association). All options are geared towards providing you with fast and accurate information regarding your health status.


Your Health Assessment is divided into three parts.


Prior to arrival you would have chosen the tests you would like to undertake. We can help you decide this with some quick questions regarding your medical history and lifestyle. Our assessment packages are designed to detect early signs of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer.


Your assessment is scheduled as morning sessions, as patients are required to attend Fasting (nothing to eat or drink for the preceding 10-12 hours). It is easiest to achieve this whilst asleep, and this allows your body to achieve baseline levels. If you have any medical condition that may be affected by this please let us know before you attend or embark on any fasting ritual.


On arrival you will be met by your host for the day and guided to the different areas to conduct your investigations.  You will be offered your breakfast including cereal, toast and tea/coffee with a chance to catch up on the morning headlines in the paper.

If you have any particular dietary requirements we will also try to accommodate you.  Subsequently, a thorough medical examination will be undertaken.


The final aspect of your assessment will include a meeting with the Doctor who will thoroughly discuss your test results and any recommendations for follow up testing. If your Physician identifies a potential or existing problem requiring further evaluation, we can arrange priority access to the appropriate specialists.

For more information on our packages click here to download our brochure.

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