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Diagnostic and Therapeutic

From Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery to Urology

GVMC offers a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services administered by experienced staff using modern methods and equipment.

Our aim is to facilitate the provision of accurate, timely and cost effective services.

Our services include:

Clinical Laboratory &
   Cardiology Department
Blood Bank
   (by appointment only)
+ Blood Compatibility Testing    + Dobutamine Stress
+ Blood Donor Screening       Echo (DSE)
+ Chemistry    + Echocardiogram (ECG)
+ Endocrinology    + Exercise Stress Test
+ Haematology    + Physiologic Stress
+ Immunohaematology       Echocardiogram (PSE)
+ Parasitology    + 24 hr Holter Monitor
+ Microbiology    + 48 hr Holter Monitor



All Doctors, Physicians and Specialists who provide services at this institution do so as part of their private practice and are self employed independent contractors. Gulf View Medical Centre Limited is not liable for the acts and/or omissions of Doctors as it relates to their provision of services to patients.


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