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From Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery to Urology

We are keenly aware that preparing for Surgery can be stressful. With many years of experience, our Surgical Team's mission is to ensure your comfort, safety and privacy during your stay with us.

GVMC is equipped with three modern Operating Theatres, one of which is dedicated to Ophthalmology. All Operating Theatres are fitted with best in class lighting, anaesthesia workstations and air filtration systems.

The Hospital's tasteful. accommodations and excellent nursing affords our Patients a higher standard of care than that offered by our competitors.

Our specialties include:

+ Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
+ Dentistry
   + Laparoscopic Surgery
   + Ophthalmology
+ ENT (Ear, Nose
   & Throat)
   + Orthopedic &
+ General Surgery    + Obstetrics & Gynaecology
+ Gynaecological Oncology
   + Urology



All Doctors, Physicians and Specialists who provide services at this institution do so as part of their private practice and are self employed independent contractors. Gulf View Medical Centre Limited is not liable for the acts and/or omissions of Doctors as it relates to their provision of services to patients.


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